I written a module with a small form and this can submit every registred user, i insert this data in a extra table named: #__trackitems

I created a component with 1 view "tracks", the component is successfully added in navigation as menu item, i want now to get simple list with items from the table #__trackitems, view file is created and i see my static html, but what have i to do in model and controller? I tried more times to see how it is done in "com_content, com_k2 and com_weblinks" but i really not understand how to continue?


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You should: Create model Tracks in models folder in your component containing a class YOURCOMPONENTModelYOURVIEW for example TracksViewItems. In this class add a public function called getItems(). Add all the code so this function will return array of items from your database table. Then in your view.html.php in display() function use this $this->items = $this->get('Items') to get a list of items from database. Now you can use $this->items property in your default.php of your view to get all the items.


If your component is called com_tracks and view is called list your model should be in: /components/com_tracks/models/list.php. Class name should be TracksModelList. Your view should be in /components/com_tracks/views/list/view.html.php and the view class name should be TracksViewList. In /components/com_tracks/view/list/tmpl/default.php you should insert all the code (html/php) for displaying your data from $this->items property.

Sample component tutorial:

Developing a Basic Joomla! component

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  • The link is not useless but broken. Already fixed it. Commented Jul 11, 2017 at 15:43

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