Here i'm trying change the ordering for the particular group by click and trag in List view.I have several categories and some datas for those categoies.

If I add the below code in my default.php

$saveOrderlistUrl= 'index.php?option=com_xxxx&task=groups.saveOrderAjax&tmpl=component';
JHtml::_('sortablelist.sortable', 'groupsList', 'adminForm', strtolower($listDirn), $saveOrderlistUrl);

Inside Looping data:

<tr class="row<?php echo $i % 2; ?>" sortable-group-id="<?php echo $row->category_id; ?>">

The particular category data only visible when try to click & drag.Thats works fine. After changing the ordering,if I check the database, the ordering for the data is incorrect and its interchanged with overall max(ordering).Not for the particular category datas. Kindly help me to solve this.


If I understood you correctly you should add getReorderConditions() method to your Group model:

 * A protected method to get a set of ordering conditions.
 * @param   object  $table A record object.
 * @return  array   An array of conditions to add to add to ordering queries.
protected function getReorderConditions($table)
    $condition = array();
    $condition[] = 'catid = ' . (int) $table->catid;

    return $condition;

catid is the category field in your table.

getReorderConditions() method is used in reorder() method of JModelAdmin class to apply additional conditions to reorder query.

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