How to create one article which is when user who log in will see chronoform form and they can insert information; but when visitor who does not log in to the website only can view the information which is inserted by the user ( the data inserted by the user will be saved in the database and will be displayed to the visitor)

let's say i write {chronoforms}Form_Title{/chronoforms} in the article editor to create the form. Where am i suppose to put a code to display the data ?


I've never used CromoForms however this is possible with RSForms (free).

Using RSForms you would create your form, and as you know all the data is saved in the database. However you can also display this data on the front-end using a special 'Submissions' menu item.

The Submissions menu item permits you to display the submissions in the front-end for a form of your choice. The menu item can be added to your site from the Menu Manager section in the back-end, to any menu on your site. You can then set the permissions for this menu item to be non-registered users (or whoever you choose). This way non-registered users will not be able to fill in the form, but they will be able to see the form results.

Like I say this method is for RSForms which is free, however someting similar may be possible using ChromoForms.

Hope this helps.


In ChronoForms v5, edit your form, go to the Setup tab and drag an "Authenticator" action into the appropriate event in your form:

ChronoForms Authenticator Action

Edit the Authenticator properties to set the required permissions:

ChronoForms Authenticator Properties

You can then drag appropriate actions into "On Success" or "On Fail" as appropriate.

For example, you might drag a "Display Message" action into the "On Fail" and set the message to, "Please log in as Administrator to complete this action" or similar.

ChronoForms v4 has similar functionality.

  • I couldn't find the 'Authenticator' in Easy Wizard Form
    – Nadya
    Jun 29 '15 at 2:09

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