The Joomla documentation states clearly that it's not permitted to use the word "Joomla" as part of an extension name, unless it's called "MyExtension for Joomla!" (except with a license):

The usage of 'Joomla' in extension names or domains listed at JED requires a license by OSM. Extension names must be titled 'for Joomla'. ie: 'MyExtension for Joomla' is permitted. 'Joomla MyExtension' is not permitted. Use of the Joomla version is not permitted. ie: 'MyExtension for Joomla 3.0'

(JED Entries Trademark Checklist)

But List B1, item #4 on the same page says:

Extensions that use "Joomla" or a derivative of Joomla in the extension name?

Only if licensed by OSM.

What does a derivative of Joomla mean? There are lots of extensions called Joom Myextension, isn't that a derivative of Joomla?

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A derivative of Joomla, simply means "based" on the word "Joomla".

I'll give you a quick example.

My website is called "JoomJunk" and the alias is JJ.

We use JJ at the beginning of all extension names, so JJ XXX is technically JoomJunk XXX, therefore it's a derivative of Joomla.

If you wish to use a derivative, you simply need to contact OSM to get permission for the name.

Some examples of Joomla derivatives could be:

  • Joom Name
  • Joo Name
  • Jom Name
  • J Name (like JDownloads)

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