I remember that long long ago there was an extension called JA submit that let users create unpublished Joomla articles, that I could then go into Joomla, edit, and approve.

I would essentially want to setup a similar editorial pipeline for user-contributed content.

Is there a way to do this now that Joomla has access levels?, or should I create my own component?

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For Registered Users :

If you want the registered users to submit "Articles" then all you have to do is to create a new menu item -> Select Type -> Articles -> Create Article and set the access to Registered

For Public Users :

If you want the public users to submit "Articles" then you have to give this permission to the "Public" user group. Go to Content -> Article Manager -> Options -> Permissions select the public tab and change the "Create" setting to Allowed

You can configure which category you want the users to submit their articles in from the category permissions tab.


Article Access Levels: Goto backend -> Content -> Article manager -> Options -> Permissions -> Here, you can set the access levels for example public user access which of the things simular to all.

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