How can i insert data from a html form to a table in Joomla database.
Sample code of the form:
Name : <input type="textbox" name="username"> Selection1 : <input type="checkbox" name="choice1" value="first"> Selection2 :<input type="checkbox" name="choice2" value="second"> Selection3: <input type="checkbox" name="choice3" value="third"> <input type="submit" value="submit" action="save_to_joomla_database.php"></form>

What's the script i need to write in save_to_joomla_database.php which will store the data in any specific table of the Joomla database?

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You will first need to get the values using JInput like so,

$input = JFactory::getApplication()->input;
$username = $input->get('username');
$choice1 = $input->get('choice1');
$choice2 = $input->get('choice2');
$choice3 = $input->get('choice3');

then for your database query, you can use the following:

$db = JFactory::getDbo(); 
$query = $db->getQuery(true);

$columns = array('username', 'choice1', 'choice2', 'choice2');
$values = array($db->quote($username), $db->quote($choice1), $db->quote($choice2), $db->quote($choice3));

      ->values(implode(',', $values));


You will of course need to make some changes to the database query to suits your needs but this will get you started off


@Lodder is definitely correct, but there is another syntax for those who are interested. I prefer this syntax because it saves typing the field names as many times

$data = new stdClass;
$input = JFactory::getApplication()->input;
$data->username = $input->get('username');
$data->choice1 = $input->get('choice1');
$data->choice2 = $input->get('choice2');
$data->choice3 = $input->get('choice3');

$db = JFactory::getDbo(); 
$db->insertObject('#__table_name', $data);

As long as your object's properties match the column names exactly, you can just insert the object directly into the table using insertObject

  • +1 ... I've never actually used this method before so thanks for pointing it out as it looks much simpler.
    – Lodder
    Commented May 28, 2014 at 18:22

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