I can't access administrator's page, it returns 404 error not found. Although when I rename .htaccess to htaccess.txt, admin page works , but whole site returns 404 error not found. When I rename it back to .htaccess, website pages work, but not the admin page.

I am using joomla 3 and I am using an extra login layer (from a plugin, but can't remember its name) for the joomla administration panel. Does anyone know what is causing this?

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  • Do you have SEF URL's enabled in the Joomla Global Configuration? – Lodder May 29 '15 at 9:14
  • Remove that extra login layer and try again. – pl71 May 29 '15 at 9:30
  • @Lodder Yes I have SEF URL's enabled. – azhpo May 29 '15 at 10:15
  • What happens if you disable SEF URL's? – Lodder May 29 '15 at 10:20
  • @Lodder I've found the problem but I don't know how to fix it. I've downloaded Admin Tools Plugin -> akeebabackup.com/download/admin-tools.html I've downloaded it for an extra protection layer, though it seems when I disable this plugin, everything works fine. I think the problem is that this Admin Tools is using Non SEF URL's. Any idea how to make it work? – azhpo May 29 '15 at 10:32

If your admin area works widthout .htaccess its possible your joomla config has rewrite option enable. You can try edit your configuration.php file and change the status directly in configuration file:

$sef_rewrite = '0';
$sef = '0';
$sef_suffix = '0';

Does that plugin by any chance add a token to access the admin? Like you need to add ?foo=bar to the URL to get access. Then it's working as intended.

You can disable that plugin by simply renaming the folder using FTP or by changing the state of it in the database (#__extension table).


Go to Admin Tools in the Joomla backend, then go to the SEO and Link Tools section.

In there, there will be 2 options:

  • Enable link migration
  • Convert all links to HTTPS when site is accessed over SSL

Try disabling both of these if they are enabled.

  • They were already disabled. – azhpo May 29 '15 at 10:41

The fix is in the file .htaccess

Delete the line:

RewriteRule .* index.php [L]

and save

go in your browser to: joomla/administrator and al work again!

  • Hi @Jhonny Barrios, can u explain why the above fixes the issue, it fixed the issue for me as well,but unsure the reason it fixed the issue – harshal May 23 '18 at 11:55

In configuration.php, set public $live_site = ''; (only when working on localhost). I've been facing this problem myself repeatedly, for years literally, every time forgetting this old trick.

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