I am using a login module on my site and it is redirecting to some other module I am using for membership/subscription software. If I connect login for a user with menu item I can say where should redirect after login, but I can´t do that when I use the module. Is there any way I can set URL after login in a module?

I also tried with making Guest group and setting the login module, to be seen only to non registered users in my page, but it is not working either.

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Default joomla login module allows you to set the menu on which you want to redirect user after login.

So create a menu for that url on which you want to redirect user and set that menu in the module parameter(Login Redirection Page).

  • Yes, but i have set the login module to position and make it visible only on specific page, not to an menu item.
    – Navitua
    Commented May 26, 2015 at 9:13

If you want to display the login module in specific page
Goto backend -> Extensions -> Module manager -> Login form -> Menu Assignment -> Here you can set the login module display in specific page.

  1. You need create a group under registered joomla group like "member".
  2. Create a new menu.
  3. Create menu item and set permission to "member" group, and alias like "member-menu".
  4. Redirect login to this url in alias like www.yoursite.com/member-menu
  5. Now you can set when this menu/module should be shown in site.

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