I had followed this basic tutorial and successful created new menu type name "hello world" with 2 views inside "tmpl" folder name "default.php" & "other.php"



The problem here is, I wanted to create 2 different views with different content inside each view. But both of 2 files "other.php & default.php" are point to com_helloworld/helloworld.php with same content in helloworld.php file. I tried to search for solution several hours but unable to find a solution for this issue. Please advise how to point out the "other.php" file in tmpl folder to different file instead of current "helloworld.php" file :(

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  • Hello SonDang, I feel your question is too broad and it will be hard to get a thorough answer. I would suggest to read more about developing components and the MVC pattern. You can find more resources here: joomla.stackexchange.com/questions/3579/…. If you are interested, there are a few good books about creating Joomla extensions. Just search for Joomla development books. – FFrewin May 24 '15 at 11:51
  • Thanks for the suggestion FFrewin, I will check in the resources in share for solution :( – SonDang May 24 '15 at 14:51

You created two layouts (stored in views/helloworld/tmpl). What you want to do is create a new view, i.e. views/other/

In the view.html.php file therein you can invoke the same or a different model to get the data you want. Look at the code of some simple components like com_users to get a feel of how it's done, or read the docs.

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