I want to add rel="nofollow" to certain menu items in Joomla menu. I do not want to change Joomla core files. What I want is to put in menu options nofollow for "Link Type" tab "Link Title Attribute" and then in menu overrides to check with help of php if the link has title tag and nofollow attribute in it replace it with rel="nofollow".

I managed to do this with jQuery, but I am afraid for some search engines not to consider jQuery, so I would like to do this server side.

Is there a way to get this?



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Yes you can. Edit the menu item from Admin, and go to the Metadata tab. Below the metadata description and keywords is a droptdown of the Robot options, including NoIndex, NoFollow

  • Thanks for your answer, but it is not a solution for me. This will prevent the page from indexing. I do not want this, I just want to have my link to this page nofollow for link juice.
    – gag
    May 25, 2014 at 13:44

If I dont want to make a new menu module for a task like this I tend to reuse the class on the item. Then in a mod_menu override I then put an (if strpos($item->anchor_css, 'no-follow') !== false) { ## your adding html }

/templates/dogstrapv1/html/mod_menu/default.php and its sub overrides like default_url.php


You can create your own menu module and do whatever you want there. The only limitation is that you need to work with the present parameters from the menu item. However some people get creative with them :)

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