I use several extensions and really only want users to access those extensions from within the menu item's I put them in. However it's clear that if you know the name of an extension you can see views of it and get around this.


How can I block this access to a component?




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There are many extension available which can let you control the component accessibility.

You can check JED for this.

If you wish you have something which is minimalist and do the necessary then you can create your own plugin to handle this.

Joomla plugin creation is quite simple. Below are some of the reference which you can refer for plugin development help.

Plugin Development

Joomla Events

Creating a Plugin for Joomla

All you need to do is fetch the option and view parameters on onAfterRoute trigger in your plugin and validated whether to pass this request or block.

Like below

public function onAfterRoute()
    $option =  JFactory::getApplication()->input->get('option', '');
    $view   =  JFactory::getApplication()->input->get('view', '');

   //Apply your logic here

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