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Top new questions this week:

Uninstalling packages with shared component

I have three related components - call them comA comB and comC comA and comB both use comC (comC manages a table of people details. Individuals may be used by comA or comB or both). Some sites want ...

joomla-3.x installation packaging  
asked by RogerCO Score of 2

Dynamically add option to Jform field

I need to conditionally add an option to an existing form field in my custom component. The form is defined in models/forms/myview.xml like: <form> <fieldset> ... <...

custom-field jform xml  
asked by Marcel Score of 1
answered by Sharky Score of 2

How to know the Joomla article ID for customization

I have a demo installation of J 3.10.9 with protostar template ( The menu item "Home" -> blog category - has N articles. The article "Welcome to ...

joomla-3.x custom-module  
asked by Floyd611 Score of 1
answered by Irata Score of 1

Pre-filter set without any effect in List Fabrik Joomla

I have a List "Document Manager" defined in Fabrik module in Joomla and I want to pre-filter the documents from the list, in order to show only the documents belonging to the currently ...

joomla-3.x filter fabrik  
asked by Iulia Chirtes Score of 1

Does Showon attribute for list options work with Joomla 4?

I have tried the following exact example in the Joomla documentation: Showon attribute for list options <field name="fielda" type="list" label="FIELDA_LABEL&...

joomla-4.x form-fields-types showon  
asked by framontb Score of 1
answered by framontb Score of 2

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Editor stripping iframe

Yes, another question about the stripping of HTML tags (this time TinyMCE). Joomla 3.4.1 / TinyMCE 4.1.7 This should be very simple, however due to the number of comments and questions/answers I see ...

joomla-3.x editor tinymce  
asked by jonboy Score of 6
answered by johanpw Score of 5

Upgrade From 2.5.x to 3.x SQL error: 1091 Can't DROP 'usertype';

I am working a Joomla 2.5.x site upgrade to Joomla 3.x. I have done this before smoothly but this time site behave differently. when the upgrade reach upto 82.% its throw an error. Error: 1091 Can't ...

upgrade one-click-updates  
asked by Jobin Score of 4
answered by Jobin Score of 3

Make module titles linkable

I was searching the internet but without much luck. I need some way to make module titles linkable, and the only thing I found was on Gavick forum archive posted couple of years ago and file doesn't ...

extensions module-display extension-request module  
asked by Jinx Score of 5
answered by johanpw Score of 4

Profile Pictures for Joomla Users?

I don't want to install any community plugin to do that. I want to provide a simple upload image form to my registered users, which will allow them to upload & change their profile picture any ...

joomla-3.x user profile  
asked by saibbyweb Score of 9
answered by Brian Peat Score of 10

Remove Article ID from Joomla 3 url

I am trying to remove the article id from a Joomla 3 URL. I searched around and the response is in components\com_content\router.php change 0 to 1 in $advanced = $params->get('sef_advanced_link', ...

joomla-3.x php url  
asked by gag Score of 9
answered by saibbyweb Score of 11

My content updates won't display instantly in the front-end. What's the reason?

I am using joomla to create my website. Everything is working well, except one problem that occurred recently. I am changing/updating content in the joomla backend and saving. But any change I do ...

joomla-3.x joomla-2.5 cache global-configuration  
asked by user2111 Score of 3
answered by FFrewin Score of 4

Joomla Registration: Remove unneeded fields

First, I am aware of this question: But the link in it's answer is dead, and the file path mentioned ...

joomla-3.x registration  
asked by gfrung4 Score of 17
answered by David Fritsch Score of 14
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