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Top new questions this week:

How is Mootools loaded?

A javascript component on my site has stopped working. While debugging I found out it conflicted with Mootools. Only then I realize Mootools is loaded on my page. I remember reading an article saying ...

javascript mootools  
asked by shenkwen 2 votes
answered by pe7er 3 votes

CLI directory is publicly accessible. Is it supposed to be? Is that safe?

I've searched around and can't find an explanation. According to some documentation, it seems to be something for the admin to execute from the shell.

asked by Staplerfahrer 2 votes
answered by Sharky 3 votes

Model not found when from a controller

In a controller, I am trying to load the model, but I have the following error: Call to a member function getSearchURL() on bool So the getModel() is returning false. This is the code of my ...

model joomla-4 contoller  
asked by user3533235 1 vote
answered by Irata 1 vote

Joomla 4 - Module Backend Subform subform-row-add "row" not available

while updating one of my modules for J4 i recently noticed that the repeatable subform field no longer provides the added "row" in JS. Working JS for J!3.x: $(document).on('subform-row-add', ...

javascript custom-module module-params joomla-4  
asked by Marco 1 vote
answered by Lodder 2 votes

Controller method does not get data passed through jQuery.ajax()

I am developing a Joomla component. In javascript I use jQuery.ajax() for making a (php) controller method put data (from javascript) into the database. However, after installing the component on one ...

custom-component jquery ajax  
asked by Herman 1 vote
answered by RolandD 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

JAuthentication: :authenticate: Failed to load plugin: plgauthenticationcookie

When trying to log in I am seeing the following error message: JAuthentication: :authenticate: Failed to load plugin: plgauthenticationcookie I am not able to log into the front or back end with any ...

joomla-3.x login  
asked by jeffery_the_wind 3 votes
answered by Bakual 6 votes

How to show tagged items in category blog layout

I want to create a menu item for a tag that shows the articles as in category blog layout. I have tried with these menu item types: "Compact List of Tagged Items", "List of all tags" and "Tagged Items"...

menu-item tags  
asked by Alfredo Osorio 8 votes
answered by webchun 9 votes

Remove Article ID from Joomla 3 url

I am trying to remove the article id from a Joomla 3 URL. I searched around and the response is in components\com_content\router.php change 0 to 1 in $advanced = $params->get('sef_advanced_link', ...

joomla-3.x php url  
asked by gag 9 votes
answered by saibbyweb 11 votes

Joomla DB Insert, how to get last inserted id?

I have to insert my data into 2 different tables, in the first table I have the following query which works perfectly: $insertProjectUser = 'INSERT INTO #__pmanager_user (user_cms_id, user_email, ...

php mysql  
asked by xxx 4 votes
answered by Dmitry Rekun 2 votes

How to display module in component area

I often need to create a menu item that displays a module in the component area, without any other content. The way I solve this is to create a new article, and add only {loadposition mymodule} in ...

joomla-3.x joomla-2.5 module templates content  
asked by johanpw 13 votes
answered by FFrewin 10 votes

What is the maximum version of PHP that Joomla 1.5 will run?

I have a client with an old Joomla 1.5 they dont want to upgrade this year but their host wants to upgrade the server. What is the maximum version of php that Joomla 1.5 will run rather than the min ...

asked by tristanbailey 4 votes
answered by Lodder 5 votes

How can I completely remove Bootstrap from the frontend of Joomla?

Recently, I tried to remove all instances of Bootstrap from the front end of Joomla for debugging purposes. I was using a skeleton template with a relatively new installation of Joomla 3.3. I removed ...

joomla-3.3.x bootstrap  
asked by TryHarder 15 votes
answered by Jacek Labuda 16 votes
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