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Top new questions this week:

Document Manager Recommendations

I'm looking for some recommendations for a document manager that's compatible with Joomla 3+. Seems to be a pretty popular question throughout the Joomla community. In the past I've always used Phoca ...

joomla-3.x component jdocument  
asked by jonboy 2 votes

use router.php in simple component

I am having a simple component, basically a list view and a single view. I want to nice URLs so I copy pasted and modified the router.php from com_content like this: class BookstoreRouter extends ...

joomla-3.x custom-component sef  
asked by Tom 1 vote
answered by mickmackusa 1 vote

Is there a way to remove component media files on update?

In my Joomla component I have a bunch of Javascript files in media that change on update ( basically a compiled Angular app ) and because of the way the system is structured, I need to only have the ...

component custom-component  
asked by glenatron 1 vote
answered by webchun 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can you hide the title from a featured article?

How can you hide the title from a featured article? I already tried setting "Show Title" to "Hide" in Article Manager but it doesn't work. This article is "Uncategorized" and only used in "Featured ...

joomla-3.x articles  
asked by Alfredo Osorio 7 votes
answered by Alfredo Osorio 8 votes

What is the maximum version of PHP that Joomla 1.5 will run?

I have a client with an old Joomla 1.5 they dont want to upgrade this year but their host wants to upgrade the server. What is the maximum version of php that Joomla 1.5 will run rather than the min ...

asked by tristanbailey 4 votes
answered by Lodder 5 votes

Working menu link now leads to 404 error page

I am working on a new website development with Joomla 3.1. The menu links were working fine before. However, suddenly one of the menu link now leads to the 404 error page. It happened once before and ...

menu-item error-handling  
asked by Mukesh Chapagain 3 votes
answered by BodgeIT 3 votes

How to detect if user is Super User?

To determine whether the visitor is a guest, we use something like this : if ($user->guest) { echo 'Hello, guest!'; } Now, if i want to determine whether the visitor is a registered SuperUser ...

joomla-3.x php security  
asked by saibbyweb 20 votes
answered by dev-m 28 votes

Do I need to complete the cookie domain and path information in Joomla?

In the Joomla backend, under Global configuration -> Site I have the following cookie setting information My Joomla website seems to work fine without having completed the cookie fields, so my ...

joomla-2.5 configuration cookies  
asked by TryHarder 3 votes
answered by Bakual 5 votes

Copy file failed - when installing/updating component

I am trying to update my 3rd party component. But the installer after a while returns the error message, that the component failed to install and the warning "Copy File Failed". System information ...

extensions installation permissions  
asked by FFrewin 1 vote
answered by FFrewin 3 votes

How to move my site from subfolder to root?

I have a joomla site and it is installed in a subfolder in my hosting account. So now if I want to access my site I have to type I want to be able to access my site's homepage ...

administration configuration global-configuration server  
asked by FFrewin 12 votes
answered by FFrewin 14 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Getting user submitted product properties programmaticaly in j2store

So I'm developing j2store plugin to calculate price for item based on product's width and height (these values are entered by the user). The form is rendered as following: function ...

plugin j2store  
asked by Mindaugas 1 vote

AJAX GET token 'x-csrf-token' not present in the CORS header Access-Control-Allow-Headers AND CORS request did not succeed

I'm loading a module in SP Page Builder, this module gets data from an API using ajax. The module has been tested on local and remote, http and https. When I publish the module on the same website but ...

joomla-3.x javascript jquery ajax restful-api  
asked by Leoalv 1 vote
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